Vincent Kostra - photo portrait


Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Vincent Kostra, a Polish composer who breathes new life into neo-romantic classical music with a modern twist.

Vincent’s journey began with his 2021 debut EP Certain Misfortunes, followed by the 2022 LP album Gloom&Rhythm. Both releases showcased his ability to blend classical and soundtrack influences, weaving percussive elements and melodic ostinatos with a touch of contemporary rhythmic influence.


Venturing into a new creative direction, Vincent’s latest LP album released on July 3rd, 2023 is a homage to traditional classical music. Whispers of Tempest, is a collection of pieces that captivate with their lyrical nature and stirring emotional depth. Each composition seamlessly intertwines tender melodies and moments of intense drama, highlighting the multifaceted nature of classical music.


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